Our Vision

Our vision is to build a community and provide the resources and programs necessary to liberate African-American children through literacy. Reading is freedom and it opens up the world to our children through knowledge, imagination, and opportunities.


Global liberation for African-American and African people through literacy.  With programs and curriculum needed to increase literacy proficiencies among black children and adults, The Azania Literacy Foundation is where you'll find the education, information, and support you need to help your child or yourself build your literacy level. 

About Azania


Ms. Frederica-Azania Clare (Azania AmaZulu) aka  GrandmaAFRICA, attended Performing Arts High School, studying in the Drama Department. Upon graduating High School she enrolled at Stony Brook University, Long Island, NY. After taking time off to build a family, Azania returned to CUNY-The City University of New York-1970, graduating in 1974; a Magna Cum Laud student in Psychology and African Studies.

After attending graduate school in clinical psychology at NYU and completing a U.S. Veteran's Administration hospital internship Azania worked on Riker's Island as School Psychologist to detained youth. She was also a Mental Health Specialist to the men incarcerated at C-95 jail on Riker's Island. She was Clinical Coordinator of the Pathways Program, for mothers recovering from Substance Abuse; a groundbreaking addictions treatment program, pioneered in Harlem, by NYC's Foundling Hospital. Azaniacurrently works for the Lower Eastside Service Center; and, is in the process of obtaining the Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from The University of the Rockies.
Azania has worked facilitating AVP-Alternatives to Violence Project Workshops, internationally, in countries including Canada; Rwanda/Burundi, in central Africa; and, in several Southern African countries, as well as, in various communities in the U.S. Azania is passionate about, and committed to, increasing literacy throughout the Black community, world wide; as well as, promoting inter-cultural peace, through community building in all, and any, under-served areas globally.