Azania is teaching Black children how to read and identify the issues that prohibit fluent literacy and address those issues to overcome and increase reading fluency. Azania programs are diverse and serve  both children and adults in the African-American community. Our programs are beneficial and span globally and has reach as far as Africa.

Introduction to Computers

Introduction and overview of the features and options available on various computer software. Children and adults alike learn the basic functions, such as e-mail, and parts of a computer that are essential to its usage.

Computers for Kids

Introduction to the computer and keyboarding functions, including the basic  instruction for operational software and computer vocabulary. Online educational programs and supervised Internet access for children, such as e-pals, The Discovery Channel and supplemental online learning as well as math and spelling games.

Tales for Toddlers

Encourages parents to read to and with their pre-school children and to provide an at home environment that is rich with reading materials and activities. Appropriate for preparing children for school with reading, literature, and other subjects as early as nursery school. As a part of the program, we also use audio and visual tools to prompt literacy and learning.

Story Telling

Prompts and encourages family members to expressively and joyfully read to each other and together from all mediums - newspapers, cereal boxes & books. Teach reading, memorizing, & learning strategies utilize printed, web, video, and other resources to increase literacy.

Individual Vocational & Education Counseling

Analyzing and reviewing individual vocational and educational assessments for al DW residents above the age of 12. Referrals to and assistance with applying to schools and job training above the age of 14 as well as tutoring, test preparation, and job developer services.

Youth Employment

Expanded SYEP Youth Employment Services comprise program which explores the world of work and business through Values Exploration and Goal Attainment Planning. Involves study skills and academic advisement for college and vocational goals.

Job Readiness Group

All topics of work world preparation from resume and cover letter to the "elevator pitch." Mock interviews, interview attire, and interview follow-up, e.g., thank you letters.

GED Class (weekday and Saturday)

Guidance and learning essential skills and effective strategies to pass the reading, writing, math, science, and social studies test sections of the GED. Supplementary online and audio/visual training and practice provided through podcasts and videos on GED contents and topics.