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The Black-White College Literacy Gap

Achievement gaps between black and white high school students are discouraging but all too common facts of education life. It's well known that black students are less likely than their white peers to graduate from high school, and score lower on tests like the SAT and the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP). {read more}


Addressing Literacy Needs in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Classrooms

[The issue is] the diversity of students in today's classrooms underscores the importance of developing curricula, teaching strategies, and policies to help all students succeed in school. Efforts to welcome, understand, and affirm all students--and to treat their cultural and linguistic backgrounds as equally valid and important--should be reflected in every facet of the school environment. This approach is especially important when addressing literacy for an increasingly diverse student population. {read more}


Why Black Children Benefit from Home Schooling

With the educational landscape becoming more diverse in America, black parents are looking for better ways in which to teach their children. Although black children have statistically lagged far behind their peers of other races in various school settings; be it public, private, or charter schools, statistics show that they fare on par with their white counterparts when home schooled. {read more}



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